✅ A Level Mocks: how am I feeling? & predictions

June 17, 2022

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I have just completed my last set of tests in Year 1 and my second set of A-Level mocks this year. I’m now reflecting on the last week and seeing what I’ve done well and what I could do better.

The general feeling 😀

My confidence level is at around 8/10 generally after completing it all.

I’m not worried about any of the tests, I think I will have a good performance in all of my subjects. The only caveat I have is that in some subjects, I should have been a bit more detailed.

Reminder: the subjects I take are Computer Science, Media Studies and Politics.

💻 Computer Science

Grade last time: A

My teacher set us an entire Paper 1 test. I used 4-5 weeks to go through parts of the Computer Science curriculum that I felt pretty uneasy about and quickly skimmed through other areas where I was quite confident.

I answered every question confidently except one 4-mark question. I’m very confident I will be able to get around a B - A grade.

My only slight concern is that the Computer Science mark scheme is exact, and I might lose a few marks here and there for missing precise mark scheme points, which stops me from getting an A* grade or, in the worst-case scenario, makes me slip down to a B.

📺 Media Studies

Grade last time: C+

I have a great skill of reciting essential vocabulary and theories out of thin air, but last time, I mostly lacked in exam technique which stopped my essays from being very detailed.

I feel like I have mostly fixed this, and I am on my way to getting a B - A grade. My essay structure has shifted from quantity of analysis to quality of analysis, picking the best parts or grouping little details together and analysing every single little aspect.

✊ Politics

Grade last time: A (but six marks away from an A 😔)

I have seemed to master Politics exam technique, and I am in the 20 - 30 mark range for each question. Most of my revision was looking at the content and putting them into essay structures and timing writing my essays.

I am predicting I will get an A - A grade.*

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