Hi, my name is Clark!

Yes, this picture from Google Images is me.

My friends would see me as a creator, quirky, a perfectionist, caring and ‘Albert Einstein the 2nd’ My former Big Data teacher called me a “future billionaire”

I see myself as a slightly obnoxious and crazy ambiverted 14 year old nerd (in a good way) I always want something to do and unlike most teens my age, I’m not much of a gamer and I only like playing games when I’m testing out new hardware. 😅

I’m a proud Filipino and I live in one of the most green cities in the UK, Sheffield!

Picture of me in the Philippines from 2010 with my parents 🇵🇭. I vividly remember this photograph 😂

My passions are technology, branding, politics and film-making. I’ve had so many job thoughts around the years, some of my most notable are: Becoming the next Doctor in Doctor Who, BBC News journalist (Huw, you better watch out!), Technology journalist (Brian Tong, you better watch out!), Graphic Designer, Film-maker, Next Prime Minister, The list goes on and on….

Among my friends, I’m widely known for my ‘Clark Talks’ that apparently “lowkey have potential for competing against ted talks-” but I personally don’t believe that; You can be the judge of that though! 😉