Hey there, I’m Clark. My pronouns are he/him and I’m from 🇬🇧🇵🇭.

I do many things! I can’t really summarise it in a short and sweet tagline - but to elaborate:

The “Nerditist”

For a lot of my life, I was bullied for looking like the stereotypical Asian nerd. I coined the term “nerditist” in Year 6 and ended up embracing my nerd identity, because it’s true!

When I was little, in between shopping trips, my parents would bring me to my favourite store, the Apple Store. We’d go there regularly, and I became pretty fascinated with technology. Little me saw it like magic, it’s magic I still feel today.

Amid my curiosity, I created wannabe operating systems on Microsoft PowerPoint, scattered with hyperlinks and fancy transitions. I’d eventually start coding in Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, Python and a little bit of Ruby.

My appreciation for technology was never a little phase - it grew and blossomed!

In 2018, I started a daily tech podcast called Tech Byte, a 5-minute round-up of the day’s tech news. This led me to research digital privacy, and I eventually started writing about the implications of ‘Big Tech’ collecting all of our data and how ordinary people can limit it.

The ‘eagle-eyed’ creative

I had a very unusual obsession with TV idents when I was younger. I’d watch them quite often to the point my YouTube history was full of them. In a way, they were ‘eye candy’ to me, satisfying motion, animations and really catchy soundtracks. This turned into a wider obsession over brand identity, and it’s an obsession I still carry to this day!

Eventually, when I was 9, I joined a niche ROBLOX community called ROBLOX TV. I learned how to edit, not just idents, but videos, develop some of my team working skills by helping other people, and built small online communities under a brand that would be loved and hated by users.

Since then, I’ve created videos, graphics and strong brands for hackathons, political campaigns, organisations and people.

The content creator

I’ve always wanted to be everything: the presenter, the video editor, the producer, the person who creates the set, the person who comes up with the ideas and the social media manager. Lights, camera, action!

After becoming jealous of my sister’s YouTube channel, I begged my sister and parents to ‘give me a yoUtuBe ChanNel!!’ (it looked cool!) 10 minutes of tears and screaming passed, and I was one click away from becoming the next Ryan Higa, Brian Tong or PewDiePie.

If you really want to see my old channel, then below there’s a video of me reacting to it. I learnt the basics of video editing and channel management by uploading these hyperactive and weird videos. My parents would never let me show my face, so the ones where I did, I had to cover up my face with some sunglasses and a gangster cap. 😎

I had a blog before with a lot of my former goofy antics, but this one was founded in mid-2019. I wanted to experiment with a familiar but new format. This was before I knew a pandemic would happen, so when it did start, I updated my blog with tips on what to do in the pandemic and how I studied.

The ‘politics guy.’

People who sit near me in class while I’m sitting next to one of my politically literate friends would hear many fancy words like ‘socialism’, ‘taxes’ and ‘parliament’. If you’re one of those people, I’m sorry, we can’t help it!

I’m not one to indulge in political literature or swear to god by my political ideology, but I’m semi-active in politics. Many of my views came from my parents moving to the UK in 2000; the Labour government gave my family opportunities they would have never got in any other country.

Part of my motivation politically is the thought of a migrant family moving into the UK, settling into a new community, meeting new people and building a new life. I joined the Labour party at the end of 2019 amid a Tory government-backed by far-right activists like Tommy Robinson. I started getting involved in campaigns such as Tommy Kirkwood for Labour NEC Youth Rep, Cara McDade for Under 19’s Officer, Labour Nexus - a campaign to stop Labour infighting and my local party.

My beliefs are scattered all over the place, but there are key beliefs that will probably never change: The government should provide good living conditions through excellent public services and distribution of wealth. I also believe that we need to stop the manipulation of workers and the environment by big corporations.

The real wealth and richness of a country do not rest in GDP or the stock market; it rests in the happiness and wellbeing of everyone who lives there, not a particular race or class, everyone. In summary: My political views are simply ‘good things for good people’

The seeker

I’m on a journey to seek the best version of myself by swearing on spiritual teachings, waking up at 5am and finding my happy, zen place in the middle of a metaphorical empty field (but really, I’m just trying to improve the way I live, work and feel.)

Starting habits such as meditation and exercising at least once every day has helped me go forward in that path and make me feel much more energetic and calm. As I’m writing this, I’m intending to start regular journaling and minimalism so I can let go of mental and physical baggage.

TLDR: I’m an nerdy, introverted, creative, political enthusiast content creator who is trying to get onto the highest level in the game of life.

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