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September 26, 2019

Well, hello there traveller.

Everything still needs redecorating, I’m still developing a custom layout for this, bare with me!

If you’re here you have probably nailed 2 sides of the coin

My name is Clark Narvas

I’m 14 years old.

I’m a massive techie, nerd guy, whatever.

My sisters are too awesome and I’ll never reach their level. 😂😫

Apparently I create vlogs that only have 4 views, well, I guess you’re one of my 4 viewers! Yay.

I’ve also created a bunch of after videos for some hackathons and I used to run a podcast called Tech Byte that covered 2 stories and I made it every day, I don’t make it anymore but I’d be willing to continue it one day.

I am normally a huge advocate for attention to detail in literally everything, but I got impatient and started writing this right now. Pauline (my sister) says ship anything you have, so I guess I’m doing that?

This blog will be a portal into my nerdy but unpredictable mind. I’ll write about certain subjects from tech to politics to anything I really want. This isn’t really for views, It’s more for talking about things I’m interested in and hopefully networking with people who also like the same things as me 😊🤓

When I was younger, I always thought articles and blogs were boring compared to video. Now I reading and writing one. Wooo!

This isn’t the first time I’ve written a blog; somewhere on the internet there’s a little blog from 3 or 4 years ago that was written on the end of my primary school years and on the eve of Year 7. If anyone still has it, please delete any links you still have 😂

Anyway, thanks for dedicating your brains to reading this ranty, talkative blog post. If you want more, I’d suggest you’d put this on your bookmarks and check every few days, or use an RSS reader and try get the RSS feed for this. I’m going to eventually set up a mailing list for all of this like other blogs so you can get notifications whenever I’ve written and published a new post.

If you’re interested in my shenanigans you can follow me on social media: @clarknarvas (twitter), @theclarknarvas (instagram)

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