Happy Birthday Me, you’re quite old now.

This is a blog post that I will not really quality check or read through, I guess this is all just mind to words. Oh, and this is a very deep post.

I am 15 now. In retrospect I’m nearly in-between teenage years and the seemingly horrible truths of adulting and getting a job. 1 year til I can get a job (which I gladly will ) and 3 years til I’m studying my glasses off at a University course. (hopefully The University of Sheffield)

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A Nerd’s Guide to Using The Lockdown Wisely

Stay At Home, Stop The Spread, Save Lives.

Well, here you are!

Hell is raging outside – Your country is in lockdown, a virus is spreading, and you’re stuck at home, in your bed, your sleep habits destroyed, and your diet crumbling. You’re twiddling your fingers, asking yourself: How long will this go on? All amongst your stockpile of toilet paper, canned produce and memes.

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